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Business setup in Abu Dhabi

The best place to find information on how to do business in Abu Dhabi

When looking for vast opportunities for international business registration, you have most likely heard of options provided by the United Arab Emirates. Investors from all over the world are highly encouraged to open their business & set up companies in Abu Dhabi — arguably the most economically developed Emirate among all.

What Business You Can Open in Abu Dhabi

For a foreign investor, there are 2 ways to get their company registered in Abu Dhabi

  1. A company that is 100% owned by a foreigner and located in a free zone.
  2. A company that is owned by partners, one of which is a UAE national.

If you are looking forward to starting as a foreign owner, the following types of business setup in Abu Dhabi are among your possibilities:

  • standalone companies;
  • branch establishments;
  • representative offices;
  • service companies;
  • free-zone LLCs.

When in partnership, you might also consider forming such companies as:

  • general and limited partnership;
  • JSCs and LLCs;
  • business units;
  • branch establishments.

What about a Free Zone?

Now, let’s talk about the most promising strategy of trading in Abu Dhabi — free zones. Company formation is available in 5 areas: financial, logistical, industrial sectors, environmental engineering zone, and communications sector.

Essentially, there are economic regions within the emirate that support free trade. They were created under the strategy that encourages international investments to flow into Abu Dhabi and boost its economic progress.

By setting your business in any of the free zones, you get the chance to register it as 100% your own establishment, i.e. to become a single owner, even if you come from abroad. Among other perks, there is reduced customs and tax rate.

Pros of Starting a Business in Free-Trade Zones:

  • You own 100% of your company.
  • You can get UAE residency and Emirates ID.
  • You don’t pay corporation & profit taxes.
  • Your whole income can be repatriated.
  • You’ll be setting your own rules without depending on Abu Dhabi’s orders.
  • Impost-free trading!

Cons of Starting a Business in Free-Trade Zones:

  • Your company must only operate in the area limited by the free zone you’re registered at.
  • Customers outside of the zone must contact you via a special agent or distributor.
  • Any state-guaranteed orders require theDepartment of Economic Development license.

Company Formation in Abu Dhabi

Apart from the option explained above, you can register your company anywhere in Abu Dhabi — away from the special trading areas. If it speaks to your heart, you might consider the following:

If your goal is a successful LCC company formation in Abu Dhabi, find local partners that are ready to act as your “local sponsors”.

When you are establishing branch units or representative offices, find a partner who will act as your national agent.

Any questions left? Our high-class company formation consultants in Abu Dhabi are ready to help you with starting a new business in a free-trade zone.

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